Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide opportunity for players of all ages/abilities to enjoy the game of cricket. Our primary focus is promoting youth cricket in USA by introducing the game to kids at a early age and to set the foundation for cricket to flourish in this country. We thrive to be a successful cricket club that is enjoyable, welcoming and is acknowledged for its sportsmanship, competitiveness and its social contribution to the local community.

Overview / History

The West Haven Cricket Club (WHCC) was pioneered in 2001 by cricket enthusiasts from subcontinent to be able to enjoy the game of cricket in a non-cricket playing nation. The Club's ground is provided by the West Haven Parks Department and named as "Ralph DeLuca Cricket Ground". Ralph has provided a hut which is used as a Club house/storage room.

Guidelines - Version 2013

We, the members of the West Haven Cricket Club have setup some guide lines to ensure the smooth functioning of the Club, to engender mutual interaction between and among members of the Club and to promote the game of cricket in New England area. These are the objectives to which all our efforts shall be dedicated

Rules and regulations

1. Every member should report on time for club activity.
2. It is mandatory for all members to participate in club activities such as pitch work, umpiring sessions and any other events that WHCC organizes.
3. SCTCA UMPIRING SEMINARS: SCTCA conducts umpiring seminars at the start of every year for all the club members. For new members it is a mandatory event and all other members are encouraged to participate in it. Every club has its umpiring turn and we want to make sure that members representing WHCC knows the laws of cricket.
4. When WHCC gets its turn for umpiring, players who have played league matches will be nominated first.
5. Membership fee is $200 (includes 1 pair of club uniform and cap) for regular members, $100 for Social members (Friendly game and tournaments), and $75 for students per calendar year. Members are expected to pay their dues by April 15th the latest for that year. This fee is subject to review every year based on clubs financial standing. All members need to be in good financial standing to be able to participate in club activities (e.g. practice sessions, all games).
6. Members are always expected to be polite, courteous and enjoy the game. There should not be any arguments on the cricket field. The decision taken by the Team Captain will be final.
7. Players should never indulge in drinking before and during the match. Players should not smoke during club activities. Players should also abstain from smoking during fielding and breaks. All other times members can smoke bearing in mind the health issues and safety of other players and members.
8. Anytime WHCC needs the team kit; members are responsible for it. The Captain and Vice-Captain however, can assign this responsibility to someone for a given day by rotating members. It will then be the onus of those assigned for the day to make sure that it is kept organized and properly. All members are encouraged to keep the belongings near the kit when they are done using it.
9. All players selected should come to the ground 45-60 minutes before the start of the game. If it is a home game, all people should equally share the pitch work. Players should be changed in the WHCC colors 15 minutes prior to the toss.
10. After the game is over, all players should help in doing the pitch work as deemed necessary.
11. Cricket is a social game and players are expected to wait for each other and not disassemble after their portion is done. Following the scheduled times strictly will help to achieve that.
12. No Refunds will be made on membership fees.
13. All players MUST wear protective gear while batting (Helmet, Abdominal Guard and other protective gear). NO EXCEPTIONS. Failing to comply with this will result in the below action:

- If the batsman is in the middle and chooses to remove the helmet, he will be suspended for 1 game, as captain has no control at that point. For any further offense, the Judicial Committee shall be called upon to impose further actions/suspensions on the player.

Guidelines for Team Selection

Selection committee comprises of the President, Captain and the Vice-Captain for for friendly games and for league games it would be just captain and vice-captain. The committee is solely responsible for all team selections and ensuring that the most appropriate team represents the club for any given match. This committee is independent from the Executive and Disciplinary Committees and free from outside interference. An e-vite requesting player availability for a match should be sent out early in the week prior to the match, i.e. 5-7 days before the game in question. The team selection should be published, i.e. sent to members by Email as early as possible but at the latest, by Thursday and no later than Thursday night, before the weekend in question. Changes to the team should only occur in the event of:
(1) A player requesting to step down because of injury or other causes preventing him from playing
(2) A player not being at the ground at the specified meeting time and all reasonable efforts to contact him have failed. However, in the first instance it is the responsibility of the player who is unable to show up or who is likely to be late to contact the Captain, or someone else playing that day. If a player, who has been selected for a match does not show up for the match without any advance notice, would incur disciplinary actions.

Team Selection for Friendly Matches

1. To be selected in the league team members need to play friendly games to improve performance and make the friendly games successful.
2. Players not performing at the expected level in the league game will be rotated and in that case they would need to go back to friendly games to get some practice and perform better.
3. All members have equal rights and opportunity to play in friendly games.
4. As the season starts, more preference will be given to the non-league members for playing in the friendly games.

Team Selection for League Matches

1. Match performances: Players will be selected on merit, based on performance in league and friendly games. Wherever possible, 3 fringe players will be given reasonable opportunity to make their mark in the team. Players performing consistently in the friendly games will always have higher chances for selection.
2. Practice: Players are encouraged to attend practice sessions. Attendance and performance in practice sessions will be considered for selection purposes. The selection committee might consider individual extra ordinary situations.
3. Participation in Friendly/Non-League games: All league-playing members will need to participate in Friendly/Non-League games to help make them successful. Any member, who fails to attend such games beyond an acceptable level, may not to eligible for selection in league team.
4. Team combination: Selection committee will select players with a view to select a balance team. Based on the opposition and type of grounds the committee might opt for more bowlers, batsman.
5. Financial Standing: All players in good financial standing would be considered for the selection only. Executive committee reserves the right to direct the selection committee to not consider any player for selection due to disciplinary reasons or due to player not being in good financial standing.

Issues & Concerns

If players have any issues or concerns at any time, they SHOULD ONLY approach the Judicial Committee or the Executive Committee for resolution.